Code Enforcement

Report Code ViolationCode Enforcement, a function of Planning and Development, works to improve the appearance of our Town and maintain standards of living.  By ensuring safe, healthy places to live, work and vacation, it helps reduce the risk of declining property values and promotes community pride.
Your Code Enforcement Officer approaches issues in a responsive and proactive manner to ensure basic living and working standards are enforced in our community.  The Code Enforcement Officer investigated more than 700 cases and made over 1300 inspections in 2017.

The Town of Nags Head takes pride in its natural beauty and has adopted codes that help to protect and maintain that level of beauty.  Some of the more frequently used codes are listed below:

Tall grass/vegetation and general nuisances
Sec. 16-31. - Certain conditions declared nuisances

Junk, Nuisance and abandoned vehicles
Article IV. - Abandoned, nuisance and junked vehicles

Identification of roll out trash carts
Roll-out carts under this definition are those issued by the town to the property owners and may not be disfigured in any manner except to allow for numbers on the back side of the automated cart in white stick on or stenciled on numbers of no less than two inches high, nor more than four inches high.
Chapter 30 – Solid Waste Management

Storage of roll out trash and recycle containers
Storage and removal of trash and recycling carts. Trash and recycling carts must be placed for pickup within the street right-of-way and within four feet of the improved portion of the street, but not on the improved portion of the street. Trash and recycling carts shall be placed for pickup no earlier than the day before the scheduled pickup time. Trash and recycling carts must be removed from the street right-of-way no later than the day of collection and stored adjacent to a building. The property owner shall be responsible for such placement and removal.
Sec. 30-6. - Preparation of refuse for collection.