Zoning Administration

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Zoning Questions? Email: zoning@nagsheadnc.gov

The Planning Department implements many of the Town’s long-range planning goals through the development and administration of zoning ordinances and other codes. Codes are designed to address environmental quality, the aesthetics and quality of the built environment, hazard mitigation, neighborhood preservation, resiliency, land use compatibility, and other goals. For most residential development, ordinances are administered and enforced through the regular permitting and inspections process.

For non-residential development, a development review process exists which requires project approval by the Town’s Planning Board and Board of Commissioners. In most cases, this involves review and approval of a site plan and/or conditional use permit. The Town has a Technical Review Committee consisting of members from various Town departments that will review and make recommendations on these projects based on the Town Code as well as other local, state, and federal requirements. Planning staff oversees the Committee’s review process, including coordination with the Planning Board and Board of Commissioners.

Staff also conducts special studies at the request of the Board of Commissioners and/or Planning Board related to special planning topic areas and provides recommendations on zoning map and text amendments. 

Finally, Planning staff processes Board of Adjustment (BOA) petitions for variances and appeals, updates the official zoning map, and provides interpretations of the Zoning Ordinance and other Town Codes. Below is a link to submittal dates for applications to the Technical Review Committee as well as the Planning Board, Board of Commissioners, and Board of Adjustment. 

Planning Board

View the Planning Board’s agendas and minutes.

Board of Adjustment

View the Board of Adjustment agendas and minutes.

Recently Considered Applications - Board Reviewed

  • Site Plan Review for Islington Street Beach Access. APPROVED - October 7, 2020 Board of Commissioners Meeting
  • Conditional Use Permit and Site Plan Review for Kitty Hawk Watersports, 6920 S. Croatan Highway. APPROVED - February 17, 2021 Board of Commissioners Meeting
  • Preliminary Plat for a Major Subdivision, titled Louisa Farr, Lot 4, Ralph Buxton Division, for an approximately 4.06 acre property, zoned SED-80 and SPD-20, located at 468 W. Villa Dunes Drive (Parcel# 008536000; PIN# 989214321617); the Preliminary Plat proposes to divide the existing lot into 2 lots, requiring the modification of a condition imposed upon the original Preliminary and Final Plat titled Division for Ralph Buxton, et. al. DENIED - April 7, 2021 Board of Commissioners Meeting

Pending Applications - Board Reviewed

  • Conditional Use Permit for Multiple Principal Uses (Furniture Store and Contractor's Office) to be located at 205 Baltic Street. Next Meeting: TBD; continuance to May 18, 2021 Planning Board meeting requested
  • Amendment of a Conditional Use Permit for the Soundside Event Site. Next Meeting: TBD; continuance to May 18, 2021 Planning Board meeting requested