Engineering provides a variety of services relating to the planning, design, management, and construction of the Town's capital improvement projects. Additional services include management of the Town's stormwater management infrastructure with planned maintenance, replacement, and drainage infrastructure improvements. 

Construction scheduling and coordination is a critical component in successfully completing capital improvement projects. Construction progress maps and updates to large-scale construction projects are provided on this page to keep our residents and visitors informed of construction activities and related impacts.

Public Services Complex Construction

The Public Services Complex construction project is well underway. Construction began in early April 2023 with site preparation work on the administration site, which is located within the limits of the existing bulk item/brush yard collection yard. Construction has progressed to the point where the interior and exterior framing has been installed along with the roof trusses and metal decking. 

Concurrently, construction is ongoing for the new water distribution building and combined fleet/facilities/sanitation (building. The water distribution building is located on the water operations parcel adjacent to the Fresh Pond. The fleet/facilities/sanitation building parallels the south property line of the main Public Services site and is situated between the water tower and the old facilities maintenance building which has since been demolished to accommodate the new facilities. The picture above was taken on September 15, 2023, detailing the progress of the combined FFS building. 

Significant progress has been made on the water distribution building with the metal framing in place and the concrete block interior and exterior walls approximately 2/3 complete.

 Additional updates will be provided as construction progresses.

C 0.1

FY 23-24 Old Nags Head Place Drainage Restoration Project

The Town of Nags Head recently bid out the Old Nags Head Place Drainage Restoration Project. Four bids were received with Enviro-Tech Unlimited Construction was determined to be the lowest, responsive, and responsible bidder. The next steps involve taking the results to the Board of Commissioners at their October meeting for execution of the construction contract. This will be followed by a pre-construction meeting prior to the commencement of construction which is tentatively scheduled for mid to late October 2023. Additional details on actual construction dates and sequencing will be provided when it becomes available.

front elevation

Epstein St. Bathhouse Replacement Project to be re-advertised September 2023.

The Epstein St. Bathhouse replacement project has been advertised for bid and will be re-advertised in September 2023. The project will consist of the demolition of existing facilities with construction consisting of a new multi-purpose building w/attached decking, parking lot improvements, on-site wastewater system installation, wood framed dune walkover, associated plumbing and electrical development, pedestrian walkways, and related site and infrastructure improvements. Project construction is anticipated to commence in late-October 2023.

Other Project Work scheduled for FY 23-24

A significant amount of construction project work is scheduled for FY 23-24. The projects require a level of survey, design, permitting, and bidding in advance of construction. The following is the remaining list of project work scheduled for FY 23-24. As the project proceed to design and bidding, additional information will be provided for project scheduling. 

  • Loggerhead St. dune walkover replacement
  • Governor St. dune walkover replacement
  • Causeway Estuarine Access Site Pier replacement
  • AC watermain replacement along S. Memorial Ave. between E. Eighth St and Driftwood Drive.
  • Existing drainage pipe replacements at E. Bittern St./ S. Memorial Ave., E. Abalone St./S. Memorial Ave., E. Gallery Row/S. Memorial Ave., Driftwood Dr./S. Memorial Ave., E. Atlas St./S. Memorial Ave. and E. Albatross St./S. Memorial Ave.
  • Street resurfacing along S. Memorial Ave. between E. Bittern St. and E. Eighth St.
  • Drainage Improvement Project between E. Hargrove St. and E. Tides Drive
  • S. Virginia Dare Trail multi-use pathway rehabilitation project
  • Sidewalk improvement projects along S. Seachase Dr. and E. Epstein St. 

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