Engineering provides a variety of services relating to the planning, design, management, and construction of the Town's capital improvement projects. Additional services include management of the Town's stormwater management infrastructure with planned maintenance, replacement, and drainage infrastructure improvements. 

Construction scheduling and coordination is a critical component in successfully completing capital improvement projects. Construction progress maps and updates to large scale construction projects are provided on this page to keep our residents and visitors informed of construction activities and related impacts.

2022-11-9 progress

Old Nags Head Cove Water Main Replacement Project

The map above represents the current progress of the Old Nags Head Cove Water Main Replacement Project. The recently installed water main is represented by the blue linework with the orange color representing the sections of water main recently installed but not yet operational and the green dashed line representing the upcoming work schedule. The purple color represents the sections of watermain scheduled to come online.

Tentative Construction Schedule

Week of September 12th-  Testing of the installed watermain will be completed along S. Pamlico Way including Tarpon Ct, Amberjack Ct., and Dolphin Ct. This will include pressure testing, chlorinating, and Bacteriorological testing. Once complete, the contractor will proceed with activating the new watermain. This is anticipated to occur on or around Sept. 13nd and Sept. 14th, (weather permitting). Driveway replacements will continue along S. Pamlico Way.

Week of September 17th- With all of the installed watermains anticipated to be active, the old waterwain will be deactivated. Fine grading and driveway completion will occur in conjunction with culvert pipe installations. 

The above-referenced schedule is subject to change and will be updated frequently with the most recent information available. The sequencing of items may also vary.

front elevation

Epstein St. Bathhouse Replacement Project to be re-advertised for bid.

The Epstein St. Bathhouse replacement project has been advertised for bid and will be re-advertised due to the lack of bids received.  The Demolition of existing facilities with construction consisting of a new multi-purpose building w/attached decking, parking lot improvements, on-site wastewater system installation, wood framed dune walkover, associated plumbing and electrical development, pedestrian walkways, and related site and infrastructure improvements. Project construction is anticipated to commence in Mid-October.

Current Construction Projects

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