Master Planning

Master planning is a proactive response to stormwater management for the town through infrastructure improvements, maintenance, and ordinance revisions. An important component of master planning is stakeholder involvement as this type of engagement can significantly improve the level of service for managing stormwater. The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) includes specific infrastructure improvements throughout the town to reduce flooding and improve water quality.

The Town is currently in the process of updating the Stormwater Management Master Plan. The plan development is being performed by WithersRavenel, an outside engineering team, to prioritize stormwater maintenance and capital projects based upon a select set of criteria ( i.e. frequency of flooding, system condition, water quality, etc.). The CIP program deliverable is intended to serve as a "living document" so that the Town can update the document as projects are completed and new ones are added.

Due to the number, scale, and complexity of the identified flood-prone areas, the plan is being implemented via a phased approach. The initial phase consisted of Town staff compiling data related to existing drainage problem areas via field observations from stakeholders, resulting in 18 individual problem areas which have been synthesized into 13 potential CIP projects. The project listing is ranked, utilizing a consistent set of criteria in relation to other projects to determine their relative importance.

The second phase of the project framework includes the development of a problem statement which identifies existing drainage deficiencies, existing constraints and design considerations, and a minimum of two conceptual design alternatives for each project area. Hydraulic and hydrologic models are created, to closely simulate field observations and evaluate project performance as measured by rainfall amount, depth of flooding and flood frequency.

The top five project areas were presented to the Town Board of Commissioners at their FY 18-19 CIP workshop with the top three requested to be carried forward. Check out the current status of the top three projects.

The remaining ten project areas are currently in the process of conceptual development for presentation and consideration to the Town Board of Commissioners at their FY 18-20 Capital Improvement Plan Workshop.

For questions related to recent planning efforts, please contact David Ryan, P.E., Town Engineer at or 252-441-6221.

Drainage Work on East Barnes Street

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