Nags Head's Board of Commissioners recognizes individuals who have made important contributions to the town through their Nags Head Lightkeeper and Nags Header awards.

The Lightkeeper award distinguishes an individual who shows significant personal and professional leadership in the Nags Head community.

The Nags Header award recognizes a special deceased person who has made a difference in the town and who has shaped the culture of Nags Head since its incorporation in 1961. 

Lightkeeper and/or Nags Header awardees will be recognized at the regular June Board of Commissioners meeting which is the Town's Anniversary month.

The Board of Commissioners reserves the right to make no award in any given year. 

Any current or former Town of Nags Head resident may place names into nomination.

-    Lightkeeper nomination criteria 

-    Nags Header award guidelines

Completed nomination forms must be submitted to the Town Clerk’s Office on or before April 1st.

Nomination Forms

-     LIGHTKEEPER                         


If you know of an individual who should be recognized for their contributions to Nags Head, please contact the deputy town clerk at 252-441-5508. 


Nags Head Lightkeepers

2000 - 2001    Carl Nunemaker
2001 - 2002    Donald Bryan
2002 - 2003    Mike Kelly
2003 - 2004    David Oaksmith
2004 - 2005    Drew Wilson
2005 - 2006    Russell Twiford
2007 - 2008    Lillie "Doll" Gray
2008 - 2009    Glen Eure
2009 - 2010    John Harris
2011 - 2012    Doris Gard
2016 - 2017    Tom White
2021 - 2022    John Ratzenberger
2021 - 2022    Annette Ratzenberger
2022 - 2023    Sandra Austin

Nags Header

2005    Nellie Myrtle Midgette Pridgen
2005    George Stonewall Crocker
2013    Alvin S Hibbs
2016    Martin Kellogg
2023    Richard "Dick" and Jo Fessler