Fire Inspections

North Carolina Fire Code

The purpose of the fire code in North Carolina is to establish minimum requirements consistent with nationally recognized good practices for providing a reasonable level of life safety and property protection from the hazards of fire, explosion, or dangerous conditions in new and existing buildings, structures, and premises.

The North Carolina State Building and Fire Codes are periodically updated and adopted by local ordinance and are enforceable by state law. Inspections of businesses are required by the North Carolina general statutes based on the type of occupancy:


Schedule for inspections:

  • One year: hazardous, institutional, high rise, assembly and residential (except for one and two family dwellings and only interior common areas of dwelling units of multi-family occupancies)
  • Two year: industrial and educational (except public schools)
  • Three year: business, mercantile, storage, churches and synagogues

Other Responsibilities

Other responsibilities of Department Fire Inspectors are for Fire Prevention and safety of the public:

  • Reviews applications for commercial construction, tents, and temporary uses. 
  • They are responsible for ensuring code compliance for site plans, building plans, exit door hardware, fire protection systems, hood system installation, and any plans associated with Fire Prevention Code Construction permits.