2022-23 Dune Management Cost Share Program   



The Town of Nags Head values planting native dune vegetation for the establishment and retention of protective dunes along the oceanfront. Therefore, a cost-share program of up to $1000 per lot is available to assist oceanfront property owners that would like to plant approved, native dune vegetation on their properties.  All plants shall be planted according to the specifications outlined in the Town of Nags Head Dune Vegetation Recommended Planting guidelines. All sandfence shall be installed behind the crest of the frontal dune and in accordance with the North Carolina Department of Coastal Management (NCDCM) guidelines.

Grantees are also eligible for reimbursement up to $3000 per individual lot, per every three years, for sand relocation activities.  A town issued sand relocation permit is required. All grants shall be made on a first come, first serve basis. Property owners are responsible for arranging all labor and securing materials for installation. 

Please note the total maximum for reimbursement if you are receiving both sand relocation and dune vegetation and/or sand fence is $3,500.

Eligible Applicants

• Oceanfront single family homeowners

• Oceanfront residential condominiums; reimbursement to HOA/POA etc.

• Oceanfront cottage courts

• Oceanfront motels/hotels


Eligible applicants shall complete an online application on a rolling basis beginning October 1, 2022. Applicants will be required to provide their name, address, approximate number plants to complete their project and a graphical representation of the area they would like to plant.


Applications will be reviewed by Town Staff and approved applicants will be notified. Funds shall be awarded on a first-come first-served basis at the discretion of Staff. Once notified, selected applicants will be required to complete and submit a grant agreement and W9. Once the grant agreement has been executed, it will be returned to the Grantee along with detailed instructions. The Grantee shall plant and fertilize dune vegetation according to the required Town of Nags Head Dune Vegetation Planting guidelines and notify the Town of completion. Grantees are responsible for the entire process including purchasing all materials, and arranging installation through independent contractors.

Dune Grass Species and Planting Window

Species                           Planting Season      First date to install        Last date to install

American beach grass      Cool                            October   1                   March 31

Sea oats                           Warm                           April 1                           June 1

Bitter panicum                  Warm                           April 1                            June 1

Depending on the scope of the intended work, separate permits may be necessary (CAMA Minor or Major; Exemption; or Sand Relocation). Please confirm all necessary permits are in place before initiating work that may impact the dune. Generally, beach driving or work on the dune would be required to cease on May 1 due to the beginning of sea turtle nesting season.

Town staff will perform a site inspection within two weeks of notification to confirm dune vegetation, and/or sandfence or haybales have been properly planted at the correct location according to the required specifications. Upon satisfactory inspection of the Grantee’s property, receipts for the purchase of plants may be submitted. Upon approval, the Town Finance Department will reimburse the grant funds.

Grantees that do not complete installation or request a site inspection will not be reimbursed. The Town in no way guarantees, insures or makes any claim to the survivability of any plant material.


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Where to Purchase Beach Grass