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Business License/Registration Application

  1. For Fiscal Year July 1, 2020 Through June 30, 2021
    Important: Please complete this application, then sign and return with remittance to the Town of Nags Head (subject to a $50 fine after September 1st for violation of this Town Ordinance #15-07-025). Business License/Registration Renewal Invoices and Paid Certificates will be delivered by EMAIL.
  2. Describe in detail All Sales and/or Services provided.
  3. Give us your web address if you would like your business listed on our Facebook page.
  4. Check here if you are no longer performing/conducting business in the Town of Nags Head.
    Your account status will be changed to “inactive” and an adjustment made to the billing - otherwise, you will be billed annually and will accrue any applicable fines.
  5. I hereby certify that I have made inquiry concerning the regulations of the Town of Nags Head and that the business to be conducted will fully comply with the requirements thereof and with all other Town Ordinances and State laws. Note: This business is subject to periodic inspections in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 160A-424. Issuance of a License/Registration pursuant to this application does not excuse a licensee from compliance with any zoning or other applicable ordinance or statute.
  6. Under the Business License/Registration Consolidated Fee Schedule of the Town of Nags Head the following fees are applicable for any Business operating in the Town regardless of the physical location of the Business office:
  7. Beer & Wine Retail Sales
  8. Taxicabs, Limousines & Shuttle Companies
    $15.00 Business License Fee per vehicle
  9. All Other Businesses
  10. Exempt Businesses: No Registration Fee Required if Business Has a NC State Board License Number
    Occupations that are Board Licensed by the State of North Carolina are exempt from the Registration Fee – this would include licensed General Contractors, Electrical/HVAC Contractors, Plumbers, Doctors, Attorneys, Accountants, etc.
  11. Business/Occupation Licensed by State of North Carolina?
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