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Development Permit(s) Application Form

  1. Permit Application for:*

    (Please check all that apply)

  2. *Additional permit application form may be required per FEMA

  3. Please note:

    Building and/or Zoning Permits are required for most site improvements including but not limited to:
    • Accessory Structures - Includes pool, storage buildings, gazebo, dune deck, tennis courts
    • Bulkheads, Retaining Walls, Fountains, Extensive Landscaping
    • Commercial Development - Includes additions/expansions, storage, renovations or changes of use
    • Driveways, parking and parking additions or reconfiguration
    • Fences and pool barriers
    • Land Disturbing Activity
    • Outdoor Showers, HVAC and Pool Equipment Platforms
    • Satellite Dishes/Minor Communication Towers
    • Signs
    • Single Family / Duplex Construction - Includes additions/expansions, enclosures, stairs, ramps

  4. Property Owner

  5. Applicant

  6. Development Permit Submittal Checklist:

    For an Application to be accepted as complete, you will need to provide:

  7. 1. Dare County Health Department (Septic) Improvement Permit for projects outside The Village at Nags Head, or letter of connection approval from Carolina Water Service Co. for projects within The Village (Also see survey requirements).

  8. 2. Copy of CAMA Permit (if applicable)

  9. 3. NFIP - V-Zone Certification (if applicable)

  10. 4. Written Detailed Description of Project Scope and Use

  11. 5. Completed Residential Design Guidelines Point Tabulation Form (If applicable)

    Applicants for the construction of a Large Residential Dwelling (3,500 SF or greater than that of enclosed habitable living area) should indicate whether they elect to follow the Town of Nags Head Residential Design Guidelines per Town Code Section 48-370 (d). This excludes properties located within The Village at Nags Head or in the SED-80 zoning district.

  12. , owner of the property at the address listed on this form,

  13. to follow the Town of Nags Head Residential Design Guidelines for the construction of a large residential

  14. dwelling per Town Code Section 48-370 (d).

  15. 6. Survey - Including Following Items:
    • A blue-line survey (to scale) of the property prepared by a registered North Carolina land surveyor
    • Location and Dimensions of existing and/or proposed dwelling
    • Location and Dimensions of all proposed or existing structures
    • Existing or proposed driveway with dimensions
    • Existing and proposed lot elevation at corners of proposed structure (where fill has not been proposed)
    • When proposing fill - average elevation of 4 corners of lot - see Fill Requirements below in number 8
    • All building setbacks dimensioned
    • Flood Zone boundary lines shown (if applicable)
    • CAMA setbacks, dated first line of stable vegetation or static line, bulkheads, rip-rap, and total AEC area (if applicable)
    • Septic System location indicating tank, drain fields and repair areas
    • Dated Army Corp Wetland delineation (if applicable)
    • Health Department stamp on plans and survey for projects outside The Village at Nags Head
    • Fence or pool barrier location
    • HVAC and pool equipment platform location

  16. 7. Two sets of Building Plans with the following information:
    • Foundation plan - to scale
    • Elevations drawings: to scale and label front, rear and sides, proposed grade, BFE, elevation of lowest floor, overall height
    • Fence or pool barrier detail
    • Wall cross section - to scale
    • Floor plan of all levels - to scale (stamped by Health Department for projects outside The Village)
    • Engineer / Architect Seal - must be original seal, signature and date
    • Appendix B for commercial projects

  17. 8. Sedimentation and Erosion Control for Disturbance greater than 5000 SF
    • Location of silt fence and/or sand fence (shown on site plan or stormwater plan)
    • Seeding schedule(s)
    • Financial Responsibility / Ownership Form

  18. 9. Stormwater Plans (if applicable)
    • Stormwater calculations
    • Location and description of BMPs, plan and profile view
    • Maintenance Certification

  19. 10. Signs - Include dimensioned renderings and foundation or attachment details

  20. 11. Other Information as Required by Local Ordinance, CAMA or State Codes

  21. Property Information

  22. CAMA Permit Required

  23. Sewage Information

  24. Fill Use

  25. CWS Approval

  26. Proposed Construction Information:

  27. Construction Type

  28. Rental?

  29. Square Footage:

  30. Storage Enclosure Below

  31. Insulation (R-Factor)

  32. (V or AE Zones)

  33. Fill to be brought in:

  34. Includes

  35. Contractor Information

  36. See Permit Submittal Checklist (on reverse) for required attachments and application information.

    Application will not be accepted until all required information is provided. Please contact the Planning and Development Department to confirm requirements for your particular project:
    5401 S Croatan Highway
    Nags Head, NC 27954

    Phone: 252-441-7016
    Nags Head, NC Website

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