Street/Sidewalk Services

The Town of Nags Head's Facilities Maintenance Division maintains Town-owned streets while North Carolina's Department of Transportation maintains most major and minor thoroughfares. State-maintained roads in Nags Head include the ones listed below. To report potholes or other issues on these roads, please contact the North Carolina Department of Transportation at 919-733-4768.

  • US 158/South Croatan Highway
  • NC 1243/South Old Oregon Inlet Road
  • NC 12/South Virginia Dare Trail
  • US 64

The Town of Nags Head repairs and resurfaces municipal streets on an as-needed basis using North Carolina's Powell Bill Program supplemented with the Town of Nags Head's General Fund when needed. 

The current Powell Bill Map (PDF) identifies streets by maintenance responsibility and whether or not they were added during the previous fiscal year. The Powell Bill program is administered by North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and provides funding based on center-line miles of municipal streets within the corporate limits regardless of the number of lanes.

Street/Sidewalk Maintenance Responsibilities

  • Cut and maintain grass on roadsides
  • Inspect and maintain drainageways
  • Install and repair street signs
  • Install wheelchair-accessible ramps and paint crosswalks
  • Make minor repairs to Town-maintained streets
  • Perform sidewalk repairs

To report potholes or other issues on Town-maintained streets, as well as sidewalk damage, please contact Nags Head Public Works at 252-441-1122 or report the issue online