Unsolved Crimes

Fraud & Scam Alerts

Craigslist Rental Scams

Suspects from remote locations overseas place a fictitious advertisement on Craigslist for a Rental Property they actually have no control over.

An ad in a scam looks legitimate and has much lower rates than what is normally charged. Business is conducted from prospective renter and suspect all through email exchange and end with the renter wiring funds to an bank account controlled by suspect. Once money is wired, no further contact with suspect occurs and victim is out money and has no rights to rental.

Dominion Power / Sheriff’s Office Scams

Suspect calls and states power bill is past due, you missed court duty or some other fictitious story resulting in a payment needing to be made. Suspect requests people obtain a gift card from local stores and submit that as payment for the monies owed to them. Victims go and obtain gift cards and forward them to suspects for a fictitious debt.

Not Scams

Residents sometimes report that someone came to their house advising they were collecting information for census purposes. We contacted the Regional Office of the Census Bureau in Atlanta, GA and were told that individuals are currently conducting census surveys. If anyone has contact with someone that advises they are collecting census data each of these individuals will have an ID card issued by the U.S Department of Commerce. To learn more about surveys conducted by the U.S Census Bureau please visit this website.