Voluntary Septic System Subscription Service Working Group


The 2022 Decentralized Wastewater Management Plan was adopted in April 2022. One of the recommendations from the plan was to evaluate the feasibility of a Town led voluntary septic system subscription service, which would be available to homeowners with conventional septic systems. The program would put a homeowner on a yearly schedule for septic inspections, and offer incentives such as a free pumpouts, and further evaluation of their septic inspection report. A working group was put together to further evaluate the program need and guidelines. The working group will continue to meet until a recommendation is ready for the Board of Commissioners consideration.


Committee Members

  • Bob Muller, former Mayor
  • Megan Lambert, Planning Board member
  • Katie Hill, UGA
  • Bob Rubin, NC State
  • Conner Twiddy, Environmental Planner
  • Kevin Brinkley, Commissioner
  • Andy Garman, Town Manager
  • Kate Jones, Deputy Planning Director
  • Kelly Wyatt, Planning Director


August 25, 2022

September 28,2022

October 27, 2022