Solar Energy

The Town of Nags Head is a unique, coastal community steeped in culture and history, and rich in natural resources.  The town recognizes the value of our coastal ecosystem and the role it plays in making Nags Head a great place to live, work, and visit.  The Town is seeking ways to become more resilient.    A resilient Nags Head is a place where our community, economy, and ecosystems are better able to rebound, positively adapt, and thrive amid changing conditions and challenges.  The Town strives to preserve and protect the Nags Head character, environment, economy, and sense of place in order to ensure a high quality of life for residents and visitors for present and future generations.  

Throughout its history, the town has been visionary in dealing with and planning for complex coastal issues.  Solar energy is no exception.  This webpage represents a collection of solar information and resources for the community. For more information about the basics of solar energy, your solar options, and questions to ask solar professionals, read the Residential Consumer Guide to Solar Power (HERE- or Homeowner’s Guide to Going Solar (HERE-