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1. I'm thinking of buying/renting a home in Nags Head, what do I need to do?
2. Where can I get information on Dare County's schools?
3. Are there any facilities for the elderly or infirm in Nags Head?
4. Who are the local utility companies and how can they be contacted?
5. Where can I register to vote?
6. Where is the Nags Head post office located and how do I contact them?
7. When is trash collected?
8. How many trash carts am I required to have?
9. How do I dispose of large items and/or yard debris?
10. I have a water leak, who do I contact?
11. Who can I contact to change the mailing address for my water bill?
12. What do I need to know before I build a sand fence?
13. Where is Town Hall located? And Public Works?
14. How can I get more involved in Town government?
15. We are interested in building / renovating a home. What do we need to do?
16. How can I research something in the Town Code of Ordinances?
17. What is the difference between public and private streets?
18. What about hurricanes, evacuation, and re-entry?