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Crowd Permit Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Nags Head Code of Ordinance
  3. 3. Town, Police, Fire, Sanitation, and/or Health Department Comments
  4. 4. Vendor Registration Application for Events
  5. 5. Emergency Action Plan For Special Events
  6. 6. Attachments
  • Step One

    1. Section 4-42. Permit. (b) Application. A permit application, if required under subsection (a) of this section, shall be submitted to the town manager by any person, group or organization sponsoring an outdoor performance or event which is expected to draw 100 or more participants and spectators. Application must be presented not less than 3 weeks and not earlier than 3 months prior to the scheduled event and shall contain the following information:

    2. 2. Name and address of sponsoring person or organization:

    3. Jennette's Pier

      Written consent from Mike Remige, Director (email) must be submitted with the application. The estimated number of parking spaces to be used is to be listed on the application and may be limited. All events held in Jennette’s Pier area must be concluded by 5 p.m.
      • The following fee is due and payable to Jennette’s Pier with application:
      ✓ $50 for 1-day event; $75 for 2 or more day events
      • Jennette’s Pier reserves the right to charge and collect a restroom cleaning fee.
      • If using beach in area of Jennette’s Pier for event location, organizer must notify adjoining property owners and/or property management companies north and south of their upcoming event. Name and address information can be obtained from the Town.

    4. 8. Show by site plan or MapQuest, Google, etc. the locations of activities, tent/canopy on the site and to include the following:

    5. Refer to General Information and Stipulations for complete details.

    6. Name(s), email addresses, telephone number(s) of designated representative(s) which will be responsible for maintaining contact with Town personnel throughout the event:

    7. One parking space for every three persons attending the event is required. If off-site parking is to be used to accommodate the event, the Applicant shall submit a letter from the off-site property owner verifying that excess parking spaces will be available for the event. Utilizing “NO EVENT PARKING” signs may be required for neighboring businesses to insure parking for their patrons.

    8. The Town reserves the right to require these services.

    9. Explain how this will be handled; Applicant is responsible for providing refuse / recycle cans.

    10. Describe the type and number of facilities to be provided. The number of toilets needed shall take into consideration the number of attendees and average time they are present at the event. Handicap accessible toilets may be required. Indicate placement locations on site plan.

    11. Any of the above located on public property is limited to 2000 sq. ft. of total usage space. Prior to installation, on-site approval by the Town for location of these structures is required. Vehicles are not allowed on the beach without permission from the Town. Set-up may not be more than 12 hours prior to the event, and removed within 12 hours afterwards. A fire inspection permit shall be issued for tents, membrane structures, and temporary stage canopies based on the requirements of the 2018 NC Fire Prevention code and shall be determined by the Fire Chief or designee. Multiple tents must be place at least 12 feet apart.

    12. A Vendor Permit is required; $200 for all or $25 for each (application attached)
      Nags Head Town Code Section 12-104.
      (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to expose for sale, offer to sell, barter or exchange, or sell any foods, wares or articles of merchandise on the ocean beaches of the town.

      [b] Licensed and permitted itinerant merchants must adhere to the location, signage and any other conditional requirements of the crowd gathering, special events, or outdoor stand permit under which they operate.

      Please note: See attached Acknowledgment page

    13. Applicants must purchase a privilege license prior to operating concessions (if applicable).

    14. Alcohol consumption during event:

    15. Type:

    16. Alcohol sales requires a NC ABC permit(s) and Town of Nags Head - Separate fees apply.

    17. a. The amount, type, and location of temporary signage, subject to the following:

      • The total amount of temporary signage shall not exceed 2,000 square feet in area. Such signage may be in a single sign or a combination of signs.
      • All temporary signs shall be located within the boundaries of the area in which the event will be held.
      • Temporary signs shall not be located within the public right of way.
      • Temporary signs shall be displayed only during the actual time period of the event and shall be promptly removed by the permittee at the close of said event. • Temporary signs shall not be illuminated.
      • Temporary signs shall not be located in a manner that impeded the movement of pedestrians or life-safety vehicles on the beach.
      • Kites, balloons, etc. used for advertising are prohibited signs.

      I have read and understand the Crowd Gathering provisions set out in this application and agree to conduct the event in accordance with these requirements. I agree to provide corrected information should there be any change in the information provided herein.

    18. By submitting this application electronically, I agree and understand that it serves as my signature.

    19. The application may be rejected if all documents are not included when submitted

    20. $100 permit fee due payable to the:
      Town of Nags Head
      P.O. Box 99
      Nags Head, NC 27959