What does the rezoning mean for my property?

If you own a commercially developed property, the changes may mean that certain aspects of your development may now be considered nonconforming. A nonconformity is a zoning term that refers to something that was legally created at the time it was developed; however, due to changes in regulations after the use was established, certain aspects of it would no longer be allowed. 

The Town’s rules on nonconforming development allow for the nonconformities to continue to exist, and even be redeveloped in some cases. The current proposal is not intended to eliminate uses that already exist; these changes are designed to influence future development that may occur. 

The proposal does not rezone any commercially developed property to a residential-only classification. It does, though, propose to rezone several vacant parcels from commercial to residential zoning.

There are many developed properties that are already considered nonconforming due to the number of changes to the Town’s zoning ordinance that have occurred over the years. 

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