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Susie Walters Honored for Service to Town of Nags Head

Susie Walters Honored for Service to Nags Head

As many of you may already know, Susie Walters decided not to run for re-election this past November. At her last meeting serving on Nags Head's Board of Commissioners, Susie was thanked for her passionate commitment to our town. Pictured from left are: Commissioner Webb Fuller, Commissioner Renée Cahoon, Commissioner Mike Siers, and Mayor Ben Cahoon.  

Kevin Brinkley Joins Nags Head's Board of Commissioners

Newly Elected Officials Join Nags Head's Board of Commissioners

After a successful election in November, Kevin Brinkley was sworn in as a member of Nags Head's Board of Commissioners on December 4, 2019. If his name sounds familiar, it may be because Kevin retired as Nags Head's police chief in September 2018. Welcome to the other side of the dais, commissioner. 

Commissioner Renée Cahoon still holds her seat on the Board after her re-election in November.

Mike Siers was chosen by the Board to be its mayor pro tem following the retirement of Susie Walters. 

Pictured from left are: Commissioner Fuller, Commissioner Brinkley, Mayor Cahoon, Mayor Pro Tem Siers, and Commissioner Cahoon. 

Reminder - Register Your Short-Term Rental Property 

The Town of Nags Head is reminding property owners who may use services such as Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO to rent their homes or rooms in their home, but do not use a real estate broker to manage the rental, to register their property with the Town prior to renting. 

In April, Nags Head’s Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance that defines a short-term rental as the rental of residential property for vacation, leisure, recreation, or other purposes for fewer than 30 days and requires annual registration with the Town. Among other things, the ordinance establishes additional parking requirements for partial-house rentals, and requires the property owner to disclose whether liability insurance is in effect for the property and acknowledge that they under the need to be pay both state sales tax and Dare County occupancy tax and comply with the requirements of the Vacation Rental Act.  

Short-term rentals must be registered unless they fall under an exemption (see below for exemptions). Registration is required annually and costs $25 for each rental. View the registration form or frequently asked questions

In this first year, registration is not required until December 31, 2019. Rentals registered before December 31, 2019 do not need to be registered again until September 1, 2020; rentals not registered by December 31, 2019 must be registered in 2020 prior to being rented or offered for rent. Once registered, rentals are required to be registered annually in the following calendar year prior to September 1st.  
The following lodging types and/or circumstances are exempt from registration: 

  • Lodging provided by hotels, motels, tourist camps, and other places subject to regulation under  Chapter 72 of the North Carolina General Statutes.
  • Rentals to persons having no other place of primary residence.
  • Rentals for which no more than nominal consideration is given.
  • Rentals that are managed by a real estate broker as defined in G.S. 93A-2(a) 

Failure to register within 30 days of the property being offered for rent will result in an initial $100 fine. Each additional day that a property is offered without being registered will result in a $50-a-day fine. 

Registration Form

Holiday Safety Tips from Nags Head Police Department

Holiday Safety Tips from Nags Head's Police Department 

Driving and Travel

  • Be patient, we all know how stressful the season can be with busy roads.
  • If you've consumed alcohol seek alternate transportation. Driving while intoxicated is a sure way to ruin the season, your life or someone else’s.


  • When shopping, carry your bag or purse, don’t leave it unattended in a cart.
  • Use credit or debit cards for purchases. Avoid exposing or using large amounts of cash.
  • Place your purchases in a vehicle trunk, if no trunk, conceal your purchases especially if returning to the store.
  • When walking to or from your vehicle avoid becoming distracted by using your cell phone.
  • Park in a well-lit area, have your keys ready to open your vehicle when you return.
  • When shopping online use credit cards at trusted sites.
  • Have packages delivered to your business. If delivered to your home think of an alternate drop off location i.e., side of house, or storage room. Have a friend or neighbor pick up package. Schedule a pick up.

 Safety at Home

  • Lock your doors and windows.
  • Let a neighbor know if you are leaving for an extended period.
  • Leave a light on inside and or use a timer.
  • Have your mail delivery suspended.
  • Avoid placing product boxes by the curb for trash pickup.

Contact Nags Head's Police Department to schedule an extra patrol of your residence at 252-441-6386 of

Drainage System Maintenance Update

Drainage System Update 

Nags Head's Board of Commissioners, at their December 4, 2019 meeting, received updates on both new drainage projects and current drainage maintenance activities

You can also view both presentations by watching a video of the meeting. These presentations start at one hour and thirty-nine minutes (1:39) into the video. 

Town of Nags Head Names Ricky Spencer as Employee of the Year for 2019

Sanitation Superintendent Ricky Spencer Named Employee of the Year for 2019

Congrats to Sanitation Superintendent Ricky Spencer on being named by Nags Head's Board of Commissioners as the Town's 2019 Earl Murray Jr. Employee of the Year for 2019!

Chosen from an amazing group of nominees, Ricky works quietly behind the scenes to make sure our critical sanitation services run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. His job is complex and demanding. Imagine managing the collection and disposal of the trash that comes with a 900% increase in population every summer, as well as working in the area's challenging weather conditions (think wading through floodwaters or high winds to retrieve trash carts). Though it all, Ricky works diligently and without complaint.

Ricky is pictured above with Nags Head’s Board of Commissioners and his fellow Employee of the Year nominees. From left, Tax Collector Linda Bittner, Commissioners Renée Cahoon and Mike Siers, Ricky Spencer, Mayor Ben Cahoon, Mayor Pro Tem Susie Walters, Commissioner Webb Fuller, Code Enforcement Officer Ed Snyder, and Deputy Fire Chief Shane Hite. Not pictured is K9 Police Officer JC Mitchell.
Water spigot at Nags Head's dog park turned off for the winter.

Bring Fido's Water to the Dog Park Until Freeze Threats Pass

The water spigot at Nags Head's dog park at 227 W. Satterfield Landing Rd. has been turned off for the winter. Water will be turned back on in early spring once the threat of a freeze has passed. 

Nags Head Septic Health Initiative Now Todd D. Krafft Septic Health Initiative

Septic Health Initiative Named for Todd Krafft

At their December 4, 2019 meeting, Nags Head's Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution renaming the Town's Septic Health Initiative after long-time employee, Todd Krafft, who passed away suddenly in September.

As the Town's environmental planner, Todd passionately advocated for protecting water quality. In addition to interacting with Nags Head property owners through the Septic Health Initiative, Todd particularly enjoyed educating youth about the critical importance of protecting our environment.

He tireless efforts and enthusiasm for the Initiative will now always be honored through the Todd D. Krafft Septic Health Initiative.

Todd's daughter Kayleen accepted a plaque commemorating the re-naming of the Initiative. Pictured with Kayleen are Nags Head's Board of Commissioners, from left, Commissioner Mike Siers, Mayor Ben Cahoon, Commissioner Renée Cahoon, Mayor Pro Tem Susie Walters, and Commissioner Webb Fuller. Not pictured is Todd's son, Tanner.

Thank you to former Mayor Bob Muller for all that you did for the Initiative and for helping to honor Todd.

Todd never missed a chance to promote the Septic Health Initiative, so we won't, either.

In a nutshell, this progressive program offers free services and financial assistance to property owners for having their septic systems pumped out, repair, or replaced. For more info, visit

Toys for Tots Box at Nags Head's Town Hall

Donate to Toys for Tots at Town Hall

Spread goodwill this month by helping to fill a Toys for Tots box at Nags Head's town hall. The Marine Toys for Tots program distributes new, unwrapped toys to less fortunate children at Christmas. Police Chief Phil Webster is happy to get the donation ball rolling! 

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