Dune Management

The Town maintains a thriving, protective dune ecosystem. Dunes serve a number of functions, including:

  • trapping and stabilizing windblown sand
  • acting as a critical protective storm buffer that can reduce flooding and wave damage during heavy storms
  • providing a healthy habitat for plant and animal species. 

The Town’s dune system must be actively managed to balance engineering, recreational, aesthetic and maintenance needs. 

Each year, as their budget allows, the Dare County Shoreline Management Commission provides funding to its municipalities for sand stabilization. The Town installs sand fencing with this funding based on where it is needed the most. Budget constraints may determine the resources available to continue offering this service.

For more information on the Town's dune management program, contact Public Works Office Manager Karen Heagy at 252-449-4203 or at karen.heagy@nagsheadnc.gov.

Sand Fencing

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