Beach Nourishment 2022

Beach South of Outer Banks Pier July 2019

2022 Hurricane Dorian Beach Restoration Project  

The Town of Nags Head is currently planning a beach restoration project related to 2019's Hurricane Dorian. Construction is planned to take place in the summer of 2022. 

Project Information

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Beach Restoration Construction Frequently Asked Questions

Beach Nourishment Background

While nearly all beaches are naturally prone to gradual erosion, adverse weather conditions and severe storms, such as hurricanes, can cause significant and sudden changes in the shoreline. 

Beach nourishment provides protection designed to retain and rebuild natural systems while reducing or preventing the consequences of beach erosion. Ongoing maintenance, provided through periodic nourishment, is required to protect our beachfront’s accessibility, natural beauty, and ecological vitality, as well as our community's economic viability. 

What causes erosion?

Energy, wind, waves, tides, currents, and storms all generate energy that impacts our barrier islands and shape the shoreline and beaches. Naturally occurring erosion removes sand and deposits it offshore. Over time, waves return some of the sand to the beach. Storms with heavy surf and high winds can cause erosion to occur with increased intensity and frequency.

Why Does Nags Head conduct nourishment?

Healthy beaches absorb the brunt force of waves, wind, tides, currents, and storms, allowing dunes to protect infrastructure. Beaches and dune systems require nourishment projects to protect, maintain, and preserve the entire coastal system. 

What are the benefits of nourishment?

Beaches are an integral part of the quality of life in Dare County and support homes, businesses, and related infrastructure (roads, utilities) for many residents and visitors. More than just a playground, beaches are environmental treasures and tremendous economic assets for our community. In addition, beaches provide protection for coastal estuaries, upland structures, and the mainland. 

Where does funding for beach nourishment come from?

Project financing is typically through a combination of town-wide property taxes, including revenues from municipal service districts, and a contribution from Dare County.  However, FEMA and the State of North Carolina may provide funds to replace sand lost as a result of a federally-declared disaster, such as a large hurricane.

  1. Beach Restoration 2022

    A beach restoration project will take place sometime between late spring and early fall 2022 from 8031 South Old Oregon Inlet Road (Comfort Inn South) near MP 16 south to Nags Head's corporate limits abutting Cape Hatteras National Seashore near MP 21. Read on...
  2. Town of Nags Head Dune Vegetation Cost Share Program

    Back by Popular Demand! The dune vegetation cost share program is coming this fall, and will be available to oceanfront property owners for the purpose of vegetating the dunes on their properties. Read on...
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Image Beach Nourishment Easement
  1. Roberta Thuman General Information

    Public Information Officer
    Phone: 252-441-5508

  2. David Ryan Technical Questions

    Town Engineer
    Phone: 252-441-6221

  3. Kate Jones Sand Fencing/Vegetation

    Senior Environmental Planner
    Phone: 252-449-4209