Bulk Trash

There are two options available to Nags Head property owners to dispose of mattresses, furniture, white goods, or yard brush:  curbside collection, available October through April and the bulk/brush drop-off yard (permit/sticker required for use) located across from Nags Head's Public Services Administrative office.

 We are currently in the South West area.

 Continue to check this page or contact Public Services for weekly updates.

Bulk Item Pick Up in Nags Head on Windjammer Rd

Nags Head’s curbside collection of bulk and brush runs from Monday, October 3rd through April 30th. The last day to place bulk items at the curb will be April 30th. This service is only for homeowners and residents of improved lots. 

There is no on-demand collection or a waiting list (you will not need to call in). You can put your separated piles out anytime between October 3rd and April 30th. 

Once we finish each sweep; we will repeat the same order sweep until the program ends on April 30th.

Order of Town Sweeps: 

  • North West
    • Industrial Park
    • Carolinian Circle
    • The Pond
    • NH Acres
    • Old Nags Head Woods Road
    • Vista Colony
    • Woodhill
    • The Villas 
    • North Ridge
  • South West
    1. Soundside Road
    2. South Ridge
    3. The Cove
    4. The Village
    5. Lakeside
    6. Cedar Island
    7. Pond Island
    8. The Causeway
  • South East
    • South Old Oregon Inlet Road (SOOIR)
  • North East
    • Properties between and on, South Croatan Highway and South Virginia Dare Trail from Hollowell south to Gray Eagle Street (including the east side of the Village at Nags Head)
    • Properties on South Virginia Dare Trail only from Eighth Street south to Hollowell Street
    • Properties between South Croatan Highway and South Virginia Dare Trail, but not including those on South Virginia Trail, from Eighth Street south to Hollowell Street 

      curbside pile poster

 Materials accepted:

  • Vegetative pile             
    • branches (clippings must be cut in lengths of not over eight feet in length)
    • bushes
    • shrubs
    • leaves and pine needles (must be in paper bags only)

*note- tree and shrubbery trimmings must originate from an improved residential lot. 

  • construction and demolition pile- small homeowner projects  (must be less than 144 sq. ft.)
    • flooring
    • cabinets
    • paneling
    • carpeting
    • insulation
    • lumber and wood products
    • shingles
    • hot tub (must be cut into 4 pieces)

*note- Any materials generated from a Contractor or large homeowner projects; materials can be taken to the Dare County Transfer Facility Manns Harbor Transfer Station located at 1603 Cub Road, Manns Harbor. Please contact them at 252-473-2059 for more information.

  • white goods/ appliances/ metals pile
    • refrigerators/freezers (doors must be removed)
    • ovens
    • microwaves
    • washers/dryers
    • water heaters
    • iron
    • aluminum
    • steel
    • bicycles (tires must be removed)
    • lawnmowers, weed eaters, blowers must have gas tanks removed
  • furniture pile
    • beds
    • mattresses
    • box springs
    • hot tub covers 
    • chairs etc. 


  • piles must be within 10 ft. of the roadside
  • piles must not be located under or near low hanging trees, branches and or utility cables 

 Materials not accepted:

  • materials generated from building contractors and tree services  
  • construction and demolition homeowner projects over 144 sq. ft.
  • tires
  • automotive batteries
  • motor oil
  • paint
  • fuel
  • dead animals
  • mixed piles (items that are placed in the wrong pile type) 
  • fluorescent bulbs 
  • cement/ concrete/ asphalt/ rocks
  • glass, glass windows or glass doors
  • propane tanks or any pressurized containers
  • hazardous material of any type 
  • stumps 
  • leaves in plastic bags

Please contact Public Works at 252-441-1122 for more information.

*note- Dare County Public Works compound (Roanoke Island) facility located at 1018 Driftwood Drive in Manteo accepts- used tires (off rims), used motor oil, lead acid automotive batteries, residential yard debris (branches for chipping up to 8 inches in diameter), straw, pampas grass and leaves for composting.  Go to Dare County Public Works  website for more info or contact them at 252-475-5880/ 252-475-5881. 

  1. Option 2 Bulk/Brush Drop-Off

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