K9 Iwan Memorial Page

K9 Iwan (2009-2016)

Close up picture of Iwan the police dog

Iwan's Time With the Department

K-9 Iwan was a Belgian Malinois born in Germany in October 2009, coming to the United States when he was 2 years old. He was certified nationally by the North American Police Work Dog Association in:

  • Article Searches
  • Building Searches
  • Handler Protection
  • Narcotic Detection
  • Obedience
  • Open Area Searches
  • Suspect Apprehension
  • Tracking
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Iwan's Passing

Unfortunately in early 2016, Iwan quickly developed and was suffering from a cancerous tumor that was taking away his ability to lead a good quality of life and causing him pain which led to the difficult decision to have him put down at an extremely young age. Nags Head Police Officer Matt Huntingford and Iwan worked closely as a team for 4 years. Iwan greatly loved Matt, his wife, and his daughters, along with his police family. Wherever he was he would always enjoy rolling in the grass, pulling on a rope in a tug of war or playing with his favorite toy, his Kong.

K-9 Iwan will be greatly missed by the Huntingford family and by everyone who experienced his sweet nature.

"It is not just those with two legs who are born with a soul that has courage to wear the badge......"