Tank Inspection & Pumping Program

The Septic System Inspection and Tank Pumping Program offers incentives to all qualifying property and business owners in Nags Head who are not using a state-regulated septic system.

Free System Incentive

One incentive consists of a free system inspection if that system is not defined as innovative by its permit with the local health department.

In addition to the inspection refund, a property owner that has their septic tank pumped as a result of the septic inspection can also receive a water credit voucher worth $30 towards their water service account. All they have to do is provide proof of pump out.

Uncovered Septic System

The Inspection program runs from July through May of every fiscal year.

Septic Inspection Reports

The septic inspection reports are entered into a town operated data-base to track failures, site use, age of system, size of tank, location of system in relation to surface waters, among other items.

Low Interest Loan Program

To assist property owners with failing septic systems, the town also offers a low interest loan program to owners of malfunctioning systems in need of repair or replacement. The maximum amount financed to owners is $5,000 (payable over three years at prime interest rate minus 2.5%).

The Loan Program operates all year long.

Additional Information

For further information contact 252-449-6047.