Permitting and Inspections

The Planning and Development Department issues permits for new residential and commercial construction as well as remodels, additions, and other land development activities. 

Projects for new residential construction are reviewed for Zoning, Stormwater and NC Building Code compliance. Depending on the location of the project, permits may also be required to ensure compliance with other state and federal regulations, including the North Carolina Coastal Management Act (CAMA) and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Planning staff can assist in the application process and providing information on the requirements applicable to specific projects. 

The public can search for active/closed out permits applied for since January 2019 by creating a user ID and password.  


*You will need to create an account to search for permits and you must have an assigned Contractor ID from the Planning Department to apply for a permit.

For Building Permits: Please contact our office to discuss your project prior to applying on-line.

 For Trade Permits: if you are unsure if it is a stand alone (paid) permit or a free affidavit please contact our office.

Permitting and Inspections Staff Responsibilities

Name Title Area of Responsibility
Cory Tate Chief Building Inspector Building code plan review, floodplain plan review, scheduling and performing building code and flood-related inspections.

Steve Szymanski

Building Inspector III
Building code plan review, floodplain plan review, scheduling and performing building code and flood related inspections.
Kelly Wyatt Planning Director Commercial site plan review/commercial zoning inspections.
Margaux Kerr Planner Residential zoning review/residential zoning inspections, CAMA Minor Permits, erosion and sedimentation control.
Lily Campos Nieberding Permitting Coordinator Permitting questions, permit routing, tracking and reporting.
Kate Jones Deputy Planning Director Residential Stormwater plan review and inspections.  Residential Public Works permit review, driveway and culvert inspections including Turfstone.
David Ryan Town Engineer Engineering review for commercial projects.
Kim Thompson Permit Specialist Front desk, permit intake and issuance.